What are Assisted Sales? Interactive ZOOM Call

An Assisted Sale is a type of Joint Venture between a property owner and you, the developer. In this interactive Zoom call we explore: – How they’re structured – How to find them – How to communicate with the vendor – Our experience and pipeline of assisted sale projects We had great feedback from the…

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Keep proactive and understand the game from within it

  “Keep proactive and understand the game from within it.” Jack has an entrepreneurial flair. At just 27 he’s established himself as an accomplished business owner and property developer. He started his early business ventures while still at school, and apart from a 2-year stint in sales, Jack has worked for himself. Based near Reading…

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Conversion of Police Station - Reading

10 Property Bidding Tips That Really Work!

Want to get more property deals? Follow our bidding tips which we’ve had great success with at EXP Bidding with a competitive edge – This article outlines 10 of our best tried and tested bidding tips for the property development bidding process, we believe these tips could also be introduced to any ‘bidding’ process whatever…

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